Let us match you with our network of Expert Pool Professionals specialising in swimming pools in Sandton. Get Sandton’s top pool services from swimming pools Sandton!

Let us match you with our network of Expert Pool Professionals specialising in swimming pools in Sandton. Get Sandton’s top pool services from swimming pools Sandton!

Finding the right expert for your swimming pools Sandton needs just got easier. Our network includes top pool professionals who specialise in everything swimming pools–from installation and maintenance to repairs.

Whether you’re in the southern, northern, or eastern regions of Sandton, Pools Sandton has got you covered with a wide range of professional services. You deserve only the best care for your pool, and we’re here to connect you with Sandton’s finest.

Imagine having peace of mind knowing your swimming pool is in expert hands. With Sandton largest directory of swimming pool contractors, finding reputable pool builders near you in Sandton becomes a breeze.

Plus, if you’re looking into renewing your pool yourself, Sandton Pool Solution Services offers an epoxy paint solution that ensures durability and comes with a guarantee. For any advice or support needed along the way, Pools Sandton qualified team is ready to assist.

Dive into quality service and make your swimming pool dreams come true with us.

Advantages for Pools Sandton Services

Advantages for Pools Sandton Services

Choosing pool services in Sandton offers many perks

  1. Durability comes first – Fiberglass pools are known for their strength. They resist damage better, saving you money on fixes down the road.
  2. A massive selection awaits you – Around Sandton, countless suppliers offer everything from new pools to renovations and pool covers. You’ll find exactly what you need without the hassle.
  3. Competitive pricing is a win – Starting at just R799, pool cleaning and maintenance don’t break the bank. Keeping your pool sparkling has never been more affordable.
  4. Comprehensive maintenance services keep worries away – Professionals do it all: brushing, vacuuming, leaf removal, and pump care. Your pool stays in top shape without extra effort on your part.
  5. Options abound for leisure and fitness – With a mix of private and public swimming pools across Sandton, diving into fitness or leisure activities is easy.

Swimming Pool Services in Sandton

Finding the perfect swimming pool service in Sandton is no longer a hassle.

  • Pool Building and Installation: Our experienced pool builders in Sandton use quality materials for fibreglass, vinyl-lined, and concrete pools. They design and install pools of all shapes and sizes, fitting every family’s dream.
  • Swimming Pool Repairs: Leaks? Broken pumps? Worry not! Our team swiftly handles swimming pool repairs in Sandton. From minor fixes to major overhauls, they ensure your pool is in its best shape.
  • Pool Renovation and Remodelling: Dreaming of a modern makeover for your old pool? Our specialists bring fresh designs – from infinity pools to luxury upgrades – turning your backyard into a paradise.
  • Regular Pool Maintenance: Keeping your pool sparkly clean isn’t easy without help. Luckily, our providers offer weekly maintenance services including cleaning, chemical balancing, and filter cleaning to keep your water crystal clear.
  • Equipment Installations and Repairs: Effective pumps, efficient filtration systems, and state-of-the-art heaters – if it’s about maximising your swimming experience, our technicians have got you covered with swift installations and repairs.
  • Leak Detection Services: A small leak can lead to big problems. But with advanced detection tools and techniques, our experts find and fix leaks quickly to save you money on water bills.
  • Pool Cleaning Services: Algae build-up? Cloudy water? Leave it to our trusted cleaners for that spotless look. They provide comprehensive cleaning from vacuuming to skimming so you can dive into freshness anytime.

Professional Swimming Pool Builders and Installation in Sandton

Professional swimming pool builders in Sandton bring expertise and precision to your backyard. They are skilled in crafting vinyl-lined pools, fibreglass pools, and custom hand-packed options tailored to suit your space.

Prices typically range from R70 000 to R120 000++, influenced by the size, design, and location of your dream pool. These experts ensure that each project aligns with NSPI standards for quality assurance.

Choosing a professional installer means getting access to a wide range of designs – from modern luxury pools to family-friendly plunge pools.

They focus on creating spaces that blend seamlessly with your outdoor lifestyle while maximising the beauty and functionality of your home. With these pros at the helm, constructing or upgrading your swimming pool becomes an exciting journey towards enhancing your living space.

Expert swimming pool building and installation Prices in Sandton 2024

Whether you’re dreaming of a refreshing oasis in your backyard or looking to upgrade your outdoor space, understanding the costs involved is essential.

Type of Pool DIY Installation Full Installation with Professional Installers
Fibreglass Pools R13 000 Up to R100 000
Concrete Pools N/A R75 000 – R140 000
Luxury Pools N/A R140 000 – Over R1 000 000
Additional Features (Lights, Heating, Deck) Varies Additional to base price

Opting for professional installation ensures the longevity and quality of your pool, with prices varying based on the type of pool and additional features desired.

Professional Swimming Pool Renovations, Remodeling and Upgrades in Sandton

Revamp your swimming pool with Sandton’s finest renovation experts. These seasoned professionals specialise in transforming old pools into luxurious retreats. Whether it’s Fibreglass or Marbelite, they handle all types of pools.

From minor cosmetic fixes to complete overhauls, no project is too big or small. Their vast experience ensures a seamless upgrade of your swimming space.

The process starts with a detailed inspection and cost estimate, tailored to meet your specific needs. Costs can go up to R50 000 for a full makeover, including new pool pavers and landscaping.

With years in the industry, these experts guarantee long-lasting solutions for any pool issue you might have. Dive into the summer ready for endless fun with a beautifully renovated pool that looks and feels brand new.

Professional swimming pool repairs in Sandton

Professional swimming pool repairs in Sandton

Pools in Sandton often need repairs, from small cracks to full renovations. Agents are always ready to tackle any issue your pool might have. They fix leaks, cracks and handle re-surfacing for all types of pools and pumps.

Experts specialise in fibreglass pool repairs too. These services are crucial for maintaining your pool’s look and function over time.

Finding the right professional can save you time and ensure your swimming pool is in top condition. Whether it’s a simple leak detection or more complex resurfacing needs, local pros have got you covered.

Trust them to bring their expertise directly to your backyard, keeping your family pool safe and enjoyable year-round.

Expert swimming pool repair Prices in Sandton

The following table offers a comprehensive overview of expert swimming pool repair prices in Sandton, ensuring you can make an informed decision for your pool’s upkeep.

Service Price Range
Minor Repairs (e.g., leaks, tiles) R1750 – R5000
Major Repairs (e.g., pumps, filtration systems) R5000 – R15000+
Comprehensive Repairs (e.g., complete overhauls) R2000 – R20000+
Average Cost for 3 x 4 Pool Repair R14900

This table encapsulates the varied price range, from minor tweaks to major overhauls, ensuring every pool owner in Sandton can find a service that suits their budget.

Professional Swimming Pool Cleaning and Maintenance in Sandton

Professional swimming pool cleaning and maintenance services in Sandton offer top-notch care for your pool. Experts use the latest equipment and chemicals to ensure your swimming area is sparkling clean and safe.

With services starting from just R799, you get value for money while keeping your pool in perfect condition. These professionals handle everything from regular cleaning schedules to chemical balancing, making sure your pool is ready anytime.

Trusted by residents across Sandton, these service providers are known for their quality work and reliable outcomes. They provide a full range of services including testing and analysis, weekly or monthly cleaning plans, and more.

Keeping up with maintenance during winter prevents damage caused by weather conditions or lack of care. Reach out today to keep your swimming pool inviting and pristine all year round.

Expert swimming pool Cleaning and Maintenance Prices in Sandton

We’re dedicated to providing transparent pricing for a range of services designed to suit your needs and budget. Below is a detailed outline of our competitively priced services:

Service Splash Pool (Starting from) Standard Pool (Starting from)
Weekly Cleaning & Maintenance R795 R1095
Bi-weekly Cleaning & Maintenance Contact for quote Contact for quote
Monthly Cleaning & Maintenance Contact for quote Contact for quote
Chemical Balance & Water Testing Included in weekly service Included in weekly service
One-off Deep Clean Contact for quote Contact for quote

These services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of your pool, ensuring it remains a sparkling oasis of relaxation and fun.

Conclusion for Pools Sandton: Choose an Expert Swimming Pool Builder in Sandton for affordable pool installation and repairs!

Conclusion for Pools Sandton: Choose an Expert Swimming Pool Builder in Sandton for affordable pool installation and repairs!

Finding the perfect swimming pool expert in Sandton just got easier. With a rich pool culture and endless sunny days, your dream backyard oasis is within reach. Whether it’s building, repairing, or cleaning – Sandton has professionals ready to turn your vision into reality.

Enjoy competitive prices and skilled craftsmanship for all your pool needs. Let’s dive into making those splashy memories today!


1. Where can I find pool builders in Sandton?

In Sandton, finding pool builders is easy — they’re spread across the. Whether you’re looking for modern designs or traditional, child-friendly pools, these experts craft everything from luxurious in-ground pools to practical above-ground options.

2. What types of pools are popular in Sandton?

Residents favour a variety of pool styles, including sleek vinyl liner pools, durable gunite constructions, and eco-friendly natural pools. Indoor and saltwater versions are also gaining popularity for their unique benefits and ease of maintenance.

3. How much does building a pool cost?

The price tag varies widely based on size, design, and materials — from affordable vinyl-lined options to high-end luxury designs. Pool builders across Sandton provide quotes that include not only installation but also essential features like lighting, decking, and fencing.

4. Can someone help with swimming pool repairs in Sandton?

Absolutely! From minor leak detections to major pump repairs or full resurfacing projects; there are plenty of repair professionals near you ready to restore your swimming oasis back to its glory days.

5. How do I keep my swimming pool maintained throughout the year?

For hassle-free upkeep; engaging weekly services is key — including professional cleaning, chemical balancing, filter cleaning, water treatment, and even winterisation come cooler months. Specialists cater both residential and commercial properties ensuring your swim area remains pristine year-round.

6. Are there bespoke services for unique requirements such as chlorine-free sanitation methods or child-friendly designs when installing a new swimming pool?

Of course! The expert installers around Sandton offer tailored solutions — whether it’s integrating advanced saltwater systems for softer; more skin-friendly waters or crafting secure; fun zones specially designed keeping children’s safety in mind;. They’ll ensure your new addition meets all personal preferences.,