Q: How often should a pool be cleaned?

A: Pool company will advise at least once a week to help keep pool healthy at all times.

Q: What chemicals are used to clean pool water?

A: Chlorine is one of the main chemicals used to clean water an keep the Ph levels correct. A professional pool company use all the correct chemicals needs and they are not harsh chemicals. However determining on how much chemicals will be needed is due to the state of the water.

Q: How does algae from in a swimming pool?

A: Algae is the most common bacteria to form in a swimming pool and because it survives in water it can spread quickly. Algae is formed due to amounts of rain and also no up keep of your swimming pool.

Q: Is it worth getting a professional pool cleaning company?

A: Yes it can be less expensive to hire a professional pool cleaning company as supposed to you buying all chemicals you may not need. A professional pool company as all the correct chemicals and will be able to maintain your pool in the correct way.

Q: How much are pool cleaners per week?

A: This is all dependent on the pool company as well as what may need to be done to maintain the pool and how often the pool may need treatment. But it can cost from R400 per week.

Q:  How long can a swimming pool go without chemicals?

A: Well anything let long without maintaining it can go bad.  A pool should not be left for more than a few days if you want to keep your swimming pool water clear and sparkling at all times. This is way it is advised to have a professional pool company maintain your swimming pool once a week.